I Coppi di Matilda
Authentic Tuscan Food

About Us

 I Coppi was the first authentic Tuscan Trattoria in the East Village, where the owners, two sisters born and raised in Pistoia, Tuscany (just a few miles from Florence), 

sought to reproduce the recipes that their mother made for them growing up by having her fly in and teach the chefs first-hand. 

I Coppi became a huge attraction in the East Village, with a beautiful atmosphere, heavenly food, and a Tuscan style garden in the back. 

It was brought to the attention of the New York Times shortly after, and received two stars from them in the reviews section. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the owner's sister Maristella was helping as a cuisinier and met her future husband, Esteban Molina, a mexican sous-chef. 

They fell in love, had a beautiful daughter, and went off to eventually start their own restaurant a few blocks away. 

Matilda restaurant, a zesty fusion of Tuscan and Mexican food, open in 2007 and was named after their daughter. 

Having achieved their individual successes, the sisters along with Esteban decided to bring together both of their businesses and had the idea for I Coppi Di Matilda, 

which has the original menu from I Coppi, but also includes some of the specialty dishes specific to Matilda. 


I COPPI DI MATILDA embodies the most important values of Italy, FAMILY and FOOD, and it serves genuine, original specialties from the owners’ small town in Tuscany at very modest prices.